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When you place that amazing book in your readers’ hands, you want it to look as beautiful as it is good. You also want it to look professional.

In this communication there is no middleman. You talk directly to the designer, and that way there is no possibility of a misunderstanding. I will not talk in nerd to you. You are not required to know a thing about coding. You just need to write that perfect book and I will take care of the rest.

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By using InDesign I create manually formatted e-books, without using an automated conversion software.

When books are converted with automated software, many mistakes can happen – uneven indent/spacing, unneeded page breaks, missing chapter headers in a table of contents, etc. To format e-books, after InDesign, I use EPUB editor to access HTML/CSS code so I can fix every possible issue.

This way I am avoiding problems that can occur, and I am ensuring the book looks the same quality on any reading device, and that your front and back matter layout is perfect.

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Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and Ingram Spark have specific requirements that have to be met in order for those platforms to accept your manuscript. You can see their requirements for e-book formatting here:

Their requirements for print books:

Using industry standard professional software, I will format your book and, in short time, deliver you a distribution ready MOBI, EPUB or PDF file you can upload directly to Ingram Spark or Kindle Direct Publishing.

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* As I l reside and work in Europe, all prices listed are in euros.

  • All formatted e-books include Title Page, Copyright, Synopsis, Dedication, clickable Table of Contents, Acknowledgements, About the Author, Also By the Author with clickable links.

  • All formatted paperbacks include Title Page, Copyright, Synopsis, Dedication, Table of Contents, Acknowledgements, About the Author, Also By the Author.

  • If you are in a hurry, we can still work together. You can get expedited service for an additional €20.00.

  • Prices may wary for longer manuscripts and books with more intricate design.

  • Short Story/Novella quote refers to manuscripts under 30.000 words.

  • For special requirements and other types of formatting, contact me for a custom quote.

  • My services do not include editing and proofreading. If I run into typos or other mistakes, I will point them out to you. If you need editorial or proofreading help, I can refer you to people I worked with in the past and who I know to be professionals.

  • You can read about Agreement Terms and Services here.

For any questions you might have, you can find me on social media, or send me a message.

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